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A python library for the CVS (Concurrent Versions System) protocol

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raddy at gmx dot net - http://community.corest.com/~raddy

Current Version is 0.1
About pyCVS is a python library for the CVS (Concurrent Versions System) protocol. Due to a lack of python written libraries for this protocol, I decided to start one myself. pyCVS supports both synchronous and asynchronous handling of CVS servers.

Currently the library is under development, it can handle pserver authentication and do module checkouts.

The library was cleanly designed to be easily modified and upgraded. I will provide more design information in the near future.

You will notice not only a library is available for download but also sample CVS clients I wrote which make use of the library (they are included in the release file or viewable through CVS).


If you want to help with pyCVS, you can reach me at raddy at gmx dot net or icq #63873081. If you have a website and wish to add a link to pyCVS, feel free to use the button below (please do not link the button image directly):

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